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This is the brand-new Peter Goblen blog, where I’ll share my poetry, past and present. I hope you enjoy the blog. This section on the home page contains brief post summaries; click the blog title to read the post in its entirety and leave comments.

To the right of these blog posts, you see categories with links to recent posts and comments, archives of past posts categorized by month, and categories of posts (though there aren’t any at the present time). Click on one of these links to go to the specific blog post or the list of posts written during a particular month.

You can also search for certain terms by typing in the Search box above the Recent Comments section and then clicking the Search button.

Feel free to respond with your comments by typing your comments in the Submit a Comment section below this post, and I’ll be happy to enter into a conversation with you. Please note that I’m using WordPress with a strong anti-spam editor that’s very good about catching responses that are spammy, so if you leave spam you’ll just be wasting your time…which is the most valuable commodity we have.

When you’re done reading the blog post, return to the Home page by clicking or tapping Home in the upper-right corner of the webpage. Thanks for visiting and please come back often!